I'm a web & graphic designer based in Berkshire

Over the last 10 years I have designed websites, planned, designed and built a database application, created flyers, posters, booklets, banners, business cards, and logos. I have managed, art-directed, assisted, consulted, taught and - most importantly - learned.


Y-cam dabs.com landing page

- Design a landing page and banner advert for Y-cam products to go on the dabs.com website. Adhere to the Y-cam brand while promoting offers on two products.

- The design was completed in a single day and launched on the dabs.com website shortly after hand-over.

- Photoshop, Illustrator, Pencil


Citrus Studio website

- Allow site management without the need to use HTML, CSS or PHP
Improve the user experience for users with mobile or tablet devices
Simplify site structure and reduce load times

- Wordpress allows admins to log in and manage content, update products, offers and upsells through a simple interface.
Setting up customer preview galleries is a simple drag and drop process compared to the labour intensive galleries used prior to this.
The site is compatible with phone, tablet and desktop devices and no longer uses any flash.
Simpler page structure and fixed navigation.

- Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS/SCSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, MAMP, Pencil

See it live: http://www.citrus-studio.co.uk

INS Orders Database System

- Simplify the process of tracking news and photographic jobs from creation to billing and payment
Replace the wasteful paper and Excel based system with an integrated, purpose built system
Integrate staff overtime and expenses into the system
Allow staff to access the database from anywhere with a network connection.

- Built from the ground up using PHP and MySQL. INS Orders is a modular system released in stages: 1. Jobs & Orders system, 2. Expenses & overtime, 3. Accounting. The system allows greater access to data and can be used to track where certain jobs have been more or less successful and to see clearly if speculative work is profitable.

- PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MAMP, Pencil

Unfortunately for security reasons I am unable to offer a live preview of INS Orders.

INS News Agency website

- Declutter the user interface
Easily add images in collections to the gallery to increase variety and simplify searching
Make the site modular and adaptable as business changes

- Using collections of images in gallery, declutters page. Ajax loading allows the gallery page to load faster. Gallery is filterable by category. Images can be added simply by dragging and dropping, categories can be selected easily. Wordpress allows for future expansion, easy updates and simple page management.

- Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS/SCSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, MAMP, Pencil

See it live: http://www.insnews.co.uk

Citrus Studio gift vouchers

- Reduce wastage when printing gift vouchers
Cut down on time spent creating vouchers but still allow custom vouchers
Allow for possible future introduction of electronic vouchers.
Provide all information on a single A4 page and where appropriate advertise upgrades.

- The new larger format A4 triple folded voucher still fits in gift wrapping and is easily posted. Single sided print saves minimum of 50% print cost and utilises full sheet of A4 for voucher and information. Vouchers can be printed in-house to keep costs down. Vouchers are stored in a single PDF file with index, custom values can be added simply using editable fields.

- Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Pencil

Tools of my trade

As a designer, the tools I use are essential in transforming my ideas into reality. Here is a break-down of the tools I use in my work.












web & graphic designer

The logical side of the web appeals to the engineer in me, but at heart I am a sketcher/scribbler. I always try to improve and apply new/better techniques to each project I work on.

For the last 10 years I have been working as a web and graphic designer. I have strong conceptualisation and sketching skills and a balance between creative and technical abilities. I have excellent knowledge of Adobe products: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign as well as solid hand written HTML and CSS, working knowledge of PHP and MySQL and experience working with Javascript — particularly jQuery.

When I'm not at work you'll most likely find me tearing around the nearest forest on a mountain bike.


A selection of my work in web and graphics

  • INO_v3_201115_Home
  • BFC001 Business Website - Why Bracknell Forest full visual_local_v2
  • Infographic
  • The secret footballer advert
  • Canada Spotlight infographic
  • Kwikpay ad campaign
  • Kwikpay ad campaign
  • Winnersh_Fete_2015_front
  • ryo_spring_poster
  • ryo_mussorgsky_artwork
  • citrus_acrylic_instructions
  • Beyond The Zone - Demented Goo
  • ryo_logo
  • ryo_haydn_poster
  • ryo_haydn_artwork
  • ins_orders_chart
  • ins_features
  • petails_concept_1
  • petails_concept_3
  • petails_concept_2
  • winjfete_rev1_240412
  • Winnersh Fete Flyer - Back

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